LINERLESS: The environmentally friendly solution to the labeling industry!

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LINERLESS labels are drawn from a self-adhesive continuous band wound over itself, exactly like adhesive tape, and “cut” to a desired length at the moment of application.

Self-adhesive LINERLESS labels are ideal for all logistical uses, whether they are applied on boxes, bundles or pallets, providing multiple advantages compared to traditional self-adhesive labels.

These machines can be readily equipped with a digital module for thermal transfer or direct thermo label printing and a pneumatic applicator.

Our LINERLESS Print & Apply Labeling System helps to preserve the environment while saving you MONEY!!!

Advantages of LINERLESS Labeling Systems


The independent control unit, usually mounted on the machine’s “U” arm, features four leds to signal alarms or machine status and four soft keys to manage dispensing start, stand-by, alarm reset and single manual label application.

The control unit is connected to the machine by die-cast cable and sealed to an industrial connector (CSA-UL).

The label position on the product is mechanically determined, by adjusting the product detection photocell along its support.